8 Benefits of Working with Celebrities & Top Influencers

8 Benefits of Working with Celebrities & Top Influencers

Both celebrities and influencers are valuable assets, and can extend the reach of your audiences and add to the personality of your brand. In general, celebrities gain their following from people who admire their talent in a certain area like musicians, actors, models, etc., while influencers typically are experts or very competent in more of a niche field (think of someone with their own workout routines and advice or someone who gives fashion tips and offers examples of wardrobe capsules). At FAMEOS, we’re fortunate to work with both. Our Intelligent matching process can pair your company with the perfect celebrity or influencer—something no other service can do. But before you get started, here are 8 benefits we think you should know about working with a celebrity or influencer. 

For Celebrities

Increase your sales

In advertising, corporations have long used celebrity endorsements for many reasons, one is that it is a proven way to increase sales. Nearly all of Gen Z (those born from the mid-90s to the mid-2000s), who make up around 40% of consumers in 2020 (thoughts.rrd.com), discover new products through endorsements or advertisements online (marketingcharts.com). Thus, advertising your brand and products with a celebrity online raises the brand profile, which in turn accrues attention and delivers more sales. 

Build your credibility

Another well-known trope of advertising is that having someone the public recognizes and trusts endorsing your product will convince them to buy that product. When a familiar and trusted face of a celebrity is willing to put their reputation behind your product, people will more likely believe in you. Essentially, the celebrity is sharing the trust that their fans have in them with your brand and product. 

Broaden awareness of your product or brand

In 2019, people spent nearly 7 hours a day on average online (digitalinformationworld.com). In spending more time on the internet and social media (which took up roughly half of those 6.75 hours), people are paying more attention to not just world events but also celebrities. Many view celebrities as icons and try to mimic their lifestyle, so having celebrities endorse and use your product will make people pay attention to your brand. 

Increase your ROI

A particular benefit to celebrity endorsements on social media, which more than 3.8 billion people use some form of, is that it is guaranteed to increase your return on investment (wearesocial.com). Building a strategy to leverage your celebrity endorsement investment should have a plan that includes how their followers can connect with your brand. This will ensure that their followers will share and view the celebrity’s endorsement of your product countless times.


While celebrity endorsements can be hugely beneficial, there are a couple of things you should take into consideration when developing your celebrity endorsement strategy. Specifically, celebrities—like all public figures—go through waves of popularity, which can impact your brand’s perception as well. Additionally, hiring a celebrity to advertise your company’s products is an investment, so you should know your budget and expected outcome. That said, we at FameOS pride our technology on analyzing and creating a perfect match for your company to a celebrity that will work well with you. 

For Influencers

Intentional impact

As the definition of their job indicates, influencers specialize in niche markets, and can help you make more of an intentional and targeted demographic or geographic impact. You can communicate to a large group of people with a common interest—but it’s important to remember to make sure your target audience aligns. Using an influencer will allow your message to be shared numerous times to an audience that may otherwise not be easy to reach. Additionally, influencers are especially effective in driving social conversations and in tying your product or brand to a cause (forbes.com). 

Closer connection

Although we’d all like to feel a personal connection to our favorite celebrities, they are removed in many ways from our everyday lives. With influencers, despite being more well-known than your “average Joe”, it is easier to find them relatable and trusted. A recent article revealed that 67% of one of the largest consumer groups, Gen Z, say they prefer to see “real people” in ads (mbuy.com). 

Socially savvy

Even though many celebrities are active on social media or online in general, it isn’t necessarily why they are known. Influencers, on the other hand, have often built their careers based on their expertise in utilizing technology and social media platforms and can be one of the best ways to reach younger generations, who spend roughly 10 hours a day on social or digital platforms. It is important to keep in mind that the type of social media your influencer uses matters, and you need to connect it to the channel that matters most.  For example, people use Facebook for news or information, Instagram for stylizing or creating their “aspirational self”, and Snapchat for a more realistic depiction of themselves (mbuy.com). 

Artistic asset

Not only can influencers generate more of a social impact and deliver a message to a targeted audience, but also they can provide an artistic connection. They know the ins and outs of editing, storytelling, filming, effects, and design, for their niche market, as their career has made a necessity. Although not always a requirement, their talents could help you creatively, effectively, and efficiently market your brand and products to their audience. 


Despite these benefits that influencers carry with them, there are some things to consider. One clear example is that influencers may not be as broadly known as celebrities, and may not have as wide of a following. So, determining broad vs. targeted reach and their ability to hit the mark should be your key criteria.

What FAMEOS can do for you

Building a successful relationship with a celebrity and influence can be an exciting and rewarding journey.  At the same time, there is a lot to consider when choosing the right celebrity or influencer to endorse your brand, and it can be overwhelming. Luckily, FameOS has developed a frictionless marketplace that can allow you to seamlessly connect with the most impactful celebrities and influencers. Our technology analyzes features that are important to you, the company, and aspects of interest for celebrities and influencers, finding the perfect fit so you don’t have to worry! Make sure to contact us now to get a jump start on bringing attention to your brand.