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Operating System
Launching Summer 2021 Celebrity deals are hard to get done. We make them fast and easy, wherever you are in the world.


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FAMEOS reduces deal friction & completes deals 70% faster.

Celebrity Search

Find the right celebrity and optimize your selection with our AI recommendations.

Online Negotiation

We quickly, easily and confidentially connect brands & celebrities.

Automated Contracting

Our contracting process for small and large deals.

Roles & Workflow

Empowers celebrities, brands, agents, agencies & managers to get more deals done.

Immediate Payment

Once the work is completed, we ensure immediate payment.


Analyze the results of your celebrity activities.

Automating the matchmaking of major consumer brands and celebrity talent

FAMEOS vision is to create a friction free marketplace where brands and celebrities can seamlessly connect and do deals faster, easier and globally. We create new streams of revenue by automating the matchmaking of our major consumer brands and celebrity talent.

The FAMEOS operating system covers matching, contracts, reporting and payment processes. It helps our customers to reduce costs by automating key processes.



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